Inaugural Show Up for Teachers Conference 


Attendees: 1,500+ K-12 educators, administrators, counselors, & community leaders & virtual option 

Event Impact: 307,412+ Utah K-12 students 

Content: Over 50 nationally recognized mental health and education experts will provide keynote and breakout sessions to help teachers gain access to resources and information to improve their wellness. 

Exhibit Hall: Over 100 booths are available. Organizations and companies whose products and services are appropriately related to the education, health, welfare and/or personal well-being of educators and students are encouraged to exhibit.  


Booth options


Traditional Vendor Booth:

if you have a product, resource, tool, service, app, website etc. that you would like to promote in our exhibit hall for 1,500+ educators and community leaders register here

Show Up Booth: 

Would you like to Show Up for teachers but your organization/company doesn't have a product to sell or promote? We have a free booth for you! If you can give a gift or create a quality experience for teachers at the conference and provide staffing for a booth--we will provide a Show Up banner with your company logo and give you 1 ticket to the invitation-only breakfast as a thank you. These in-kind donations would be tax deductible! Send your ideas to

Free Teacher Booth:

If you are a teacher with a product, resource, tool, service, app, website etc. that you would like to promote we want you there! We have set aside 8 free booths to support teacher businesses. You will still be able to attend the conference! Apply here and we will make it happen!

Educator Endorsed Booth:

If you are a teacher and there is a company or business that you want to see at the conference send an email with details to Qualified companies will be invited and receive 50% off of their booth. 


How can YOU “Show UP” for Utah teachers?


  • Provide educators with valuable new tools, products and ideas to enrich their teaching and wellness.
  • Be generous with giveaways, discounts, services and samples. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide quality giveaway items for the 1,500+ attendees.
  • Donate an exciting item to the drawing. All exhibitors are asked to donate. Suggested minimum value $200.
  • Consider becoming a sponsor so that we can continue to add valuable content to this conference at no cost to educators.  For sponsorship opportunities email

We hope that when the teachers leave the exhibition hall they feel enriched, energized and excited. In your application please let us know how you can help us fulfill this mission.

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