*Please review the Exhibitor Prospectus to find answers to questions about the rules and regulations for booths as well as details about the conference.


When will registration open for vendors?

Registration will open on March 24th, 2022. 


How can I “Show Up" for teachers as an exhibitor? 

Our teachers work hard to educate our children in Utah and they have had some unique challenges during the last several years. This is our chance to give back and create a conference that provides quality information and training. Get some great ideas of how YOU can Show Up for teachers here!! 


Are there other options to sponsor this event in addition to purchasing a booth?

Yes! Please contact Jenni Currit at conference@showuputah.org for more opportunities to sponsor the event such as meal sponsor, swag bag sponsor, vendor hall sponsor etc. As a sponsor you qualify for many benefits including the very best booth locations in the exhibition hall.


Who will be attending?

We are opening the conference to all administrators and educators from across the state free of charge. We are inviting each school to form a team comprised of a principal or vice-principal, a counselor, and up to five teachers. There will be 1,500 tickets for these teams that will be attending break-out session. Attendance will not be limited in the exhibit hall. Any educator who would like to attend the exhibit hall will be given a ticket free of charge.


If I am a Utah teacher and would like to attend the conference where can I get more information?



What is the drawing?

We will conduct a drawing that includes all of the attendees. The drawing will likely occur during keynote speeches. This will be an exciting part of the conference and a way to treat the teachers and help them see our appreciation for them. We are counting on YOU to provide the prizes that we give away. 


Do you have any suggestions for drawing donations? 

We hope that the drawing is a fun part of the conference and we are counting on you to make generous donations. The suggested donation is $200+. Any products/books/memberships etc. that you offer as part of your business or organization would be a great idea and would be a way to get your visibility for your product. We also welcome gifts that could be used in the winning teacher's school or classroom such as books, supplies, treasure box toys, field trips etc. Other ideas include tickets to events, restaurant gift cards, electronics, massage chairs, artwork, adventure packages, party baskets, theme park tickets, classes, weekend getaways and home services. 


Will there be an online option?

We are planning to offer a free streaming option featuring some of the speakers. As exhibitors you are welcome to watch the streaming event and we hope to broadcast it in the exhibit hall.



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