Exhibitor Prospectus:

Read carefully for all show details and pricing as well as rules and regulations

Download Exhibitor Prospectus Here

Full link to Exhibitor Prospectus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wUDpx3FGpaE5FoWrN-VO3k0LErIbCMs-/view?usp=sharing


Show Information:

Monday, July 11

3-9 pm Move-in


Tuesday, July 12

7 am Doors open for setup

8 am Exhibit Hall and registration open

9 am Keynote speaker

10:15 am Snack break

10:45 am  Breakout sessions

12:25 pm Lunch break

2:00 pm Exhibit Hall closed

2-5 pm Move-out



Calvin R. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center

100 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Booth Rates:

$999 10’ x 10’ prime location booth

$ 799 10’ x 10’ standard booth

-$100      discount for each additional booth

Notes on pricing:

  • If your organization is a not-for-profit or would provide a great service to teachers contact Jenni Currit at conference@showuputah.org to see if you qualify for a  discount.
  • Prime booth locations are near the entrance, lunch tables, stages or main walkways. Limited availability. For more sponsorship opportunities,  sponsor booth locations and increased visibility contact Jenni Currit at conference@showuputah.org.
  • Most standard booths are corner booths. There are a few  in-line booths as well. You will indicate your preference when you register.


Floor Plan*:


*Floor plan subject to change



Modern Expo & Events is our show decorator. They offer a variety of options such as electrical, carpet and furniture. Modern Expo & Events can also help you with shipping and logistics!

Please order these items directly through Modern Expo & Events. The forms are available in the Exhibitor Services Kit, or you can call them directly at 801.983.8160 or at  expo@modernexpo.com.

Modern Expo & Events Exhibitor Services Kit  

Find Exhibitor Service Kit here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O7XhsR_p6Op7oUOir2w_rAZ96ayTJFtX/view?usp=sharing


Modern Expo & Events Contact Information

(801) 983.8160



More information about the content of the conference 

You will find more details about content and teacher schedule at the website for teacher information and registration here:





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